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Times-2 Wardrobe

Now you can configure a new Times-2, or convert an existing one, into an all-in-one filing and personal storage unit.


The concept is simple. Turn your Times-2 Speed File into personal storage space with the Wardrobe Kit, a unique little accessory item from Richards-Wilcox. Hang your jacket, ditch your umbrella, stash your lunch, and park your running shoes. Plus, you still get all the same great filing and storage features you’re accustomed to with any other Times-2 unit.



Kit Information

The wardrobe kit works with standard units, letter or legal, from 5-tier through 8-tier. It includes a vertical panel with louvers on the sides, 4 half-shelves, 3 coat hooks and a top-mounting bracket. Order the Times-2 Wardrobe Kit in any of the Times-2 colors. Standard lead times apply.

Installation. Installation is quick and easy for both new units and retrofits. Two nuts and bolts and two screws attach the wardrobe panel to the top. Tabs at the bottom of the panel allow it to be inserted into divider slots at the base. Mount the half-shelves and coat hooks into the louvers, and that’s it! This application is ideal for any type of office or educational environment where personal storage and security are needed, as well as file and supply storage. Imagine the Times-2 in your office workstation providing room for personal belongings and all the filing you could need. Imagine the Times-2 in a classroom where a teacher can stow personal belongings, lesson plans, student files, worksheets and teacher’s manuals. The Wardrobe Kit for Times-2: Now, let’s see a regular lateral file cabinet do all that!™

Unit Configurations
5-Tier Vertical Panel Runs Top to Base
6-Tier Vertical Panel with 1 Tier of Storage Below
7-Tier Vertical Panel with 2 Tiers of Storage Below
8-Tier Vertical Panel with 3 Tiers of Storage Below

If you are interested in the Times-2 Wardrobe, please fill out our on-line quote form.

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