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T I M E S - 2 S P E E D F I L E S ®
                                     M O R E S T O R A G E  O P T I O N S

Our wide range of accessories can expand your options to meet even more needs.  These accessories include: reference, standard, and recessed shelves; CD and rollout drawers; hanging folder frames; tub and security drawers; wardrobe kits; pass through center panels; and hand release or foot pedal options.

Times-2 Speed Files are completely customizable to fit your space – your way. Whatever your business, whatever your need, there’s a versatile accessory available. When you demand maximum work space efficiency, check out the options Times-2 offers to create a tailor-made solution for you.


When you’re planning work space, size does matter.  Times-2 Speed Files come in a wide range of sizes and heights so you can find the perfect fit for your work space.

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