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American Filing Systems, Inc. is proud to present its Times-Two rotating files systems.

Our wide range of accessories can expand your options to meet even more needs. These accessories include: reference, standard, and recessed shelves; CD and rollout drawers; hanging folder frames; tub and security drawers; wardrobe kits; pass through center panels; and hand release or foot pedal options.

Introducing the 2-Tier Times-2
a new twist on storage and filing!
Times-2 Speed Files for your
Wardrobe and office
Save Space with Times 2 Times 2 Speed Files
More Room to Grow
Times 2 Speed Files
More Colors and Designs
More Storage Options
Versatile Times Two at Counter Height
Times 2 Rotating File Times-2 Speed Files for
the Professional Office

Times-Two is a double sided rotating filing system which can save substantially on floor space giving you the ability to redefine your total needs. The inner cube of Times-Two revolves within an outer shell enabling users to access both the front and back of the unit whilst only having the one fixed access area.

Space savings: Units can be placed against walls or dividers giving double density storage capacity within a much reduced footprint area.

Office Design: Redefine space with Times-Two. It is available in different heights and 2 letter or legal depths. Times-Two can therefore be placed around the core structure of a building and its walls to its full height, or in open plan areas at lower heights conforming with overall design policy. Because of the design of Times-Two there is no need for doors or tambour fronts so the offices will look clean and uncluttered during the working day as well as at night time. The design of Times-Two has helped many companies in achieving the implementation of new methods of flexible working space!

Flexibility: Times-Two can accommodate all types of filing from letter and legal to CD's, videos, disks, cassettes, plans, hanging frames, etc.

Finishes: Times-Two is the ideal high density office system to save you maximum floor space whilst complementing your office furniture design. Times-Two is available in a multiple choice of color options, fabric finishes or wood veneers.

Office Phone: 301-949-4980 | Cell Direct: 301-9346-4067
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