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The WallWrite

The WallWrite wall mounted work station is ideal for loading docks, warehouses, factory floors, maintenance rooms, supply rooms, inventory control, public planning areas, shipping and receiving areas or any other high traffic area. Durable powder coat paint finish cleans easily and resists dents and scratches that are common in industrial and commerical settings. The WallWrite is also well suited for file rooms and computer rooms.
The WallWrite is easy to install and can be mounted at stand up or sit down height to any wall, building column, or shelving rack area.

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MSDS Center great for any file room

The WallWrite is great for any file room, computer network room or any other area in the office.

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helps to meet the Federal

The WallWrite helps to meet the Federal Hazard Communications Stardard. It provides convenient storage of MSDS binders or any other important reference material. The WallWrite is highly visible and easily assesible and the pull down door turns into a work area.

Specialty Filing Storage: Medical WallWrite

The WallWrite fold-up desk offers a convenient work surface and provides secure temporary storage for sensitive patient medical records. The introduction of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates patient privacy and the WallWrite is an affordable solution. The WallWrite wall mounted work station is ideal for healthcare facilities, nursing stations and examination rooms.

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WallWrite DropBox

The WallWrite DropBox allows for fast, easy and confidential filing. It's convenient work surface is great for any high-traffic area and is available in X-Ray and standard size, with or without a lock. DropBox slot measures 3/4"D x 18-3/4"W

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self-closing option

The WallWrite is available with a self-closing option. A pneumatic cylinder closes the door automatically. After using the fold down desk, walk away and the WallWrite closes all by itself!

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easily accessible

Optional chart holders allows folders to be easily accessible outside of exam rooms and can be used in conjunction with an office communication system.

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an excellent way to welcome visitors

The white board option is an excellent way to welcome visitors, schedule meetings, provide information for vendors, or to leave messages for colleagues.

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