Smeadlink User Interface

Smeadlink User Interface

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Smeadlink User Interface

Smeadlink is the central database browser and user interface that locates and all displays document information Smeadlink modules. Smeadlink manages documents, making information available when you need it, regardless of media. Manage records from all media types used by your organization in one application

  • "Jump To" any record in database.
  • Create and generate reports from your data.
  • Capture data from legacy systems.
  • Add shortcuts to external programs.
  • Import data from various file types
 Immediate availability of information adds value to your company, as well as improves your bottom line. Surprisingly easy to use, Smeadlink has a powerful array of features that adapt to your specific work processes.

Smeadlink uses a familiar interface design

Smeadlink uses a familiar interface design to make it easy for users to locate the document information they need.
Knowledge Management is made easy in Smeadlink through an intuitive interface, modeled after Microsoft Outlook Express and using familiar Microsoft Windows elements. Within Smeadlink, imaged records, captured facsimiles, and host computer data are all displayed through the same viewer. Smeadlink outperforms all others in providing fast access to records in both Client and Client/Server databases. The Jump To utility instantly locates any document or folder or find groups of records through advanced search options.

Report Generator, a powerful extension of Smeadlink, is designed to make it easy to create reports from the array of document information available. Users can design any type of report using Smeadlink data, including scanned documents or other electronic data as part of the report. Formatting tools allow customized presentations of the information, including sorting, counting, and providing subtotals of selected data. A preview shows the final report prior to printing.

americanfilling products
americanfilling products

Smeadlink Extensive formatting

Extensive formatting controls and a print preview mode lets users generate high quality reports from Smeadlink data.  Another feature, Data Director, makes it simple to capture data from legacy computer systems to create new records without any programming from MIS. Smeadlink also allows Add-Ins, shortcuts to external programs, files or web pages, making it easy to use with applications such as Crystal Reports. As a suite of separate, integrated software modules, Smeadlink grows with you as your needs change. Smeadlink lets you manage the documents you use today, while making sure you can manage the documents that you'll be using tomorrow.


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