Office Security File Cabinets

Office Security File Cabinets, Vaults, Safes & Computer/Laptop Lockers

Office Security File Cabinets

We offer an extensive line of office security from leading manufactures. We carry: TambourDoor, Fireproof Files, Laptop Vault, Laptop Locker, CPU Locker.
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FireKing Fireproof Files & Safes

No matter what form of protection you're looking for in a safe, dont choose just any brand of equipment. Look to a brand that carries the Underwriters Laboratories label. Why? Because the UL label represents the standard of product performance in a safe. Only equipment that has met the toughest requirements in the industry carries this endorsement.
Protect your information with fireproof files and safes.

Datum TambourDoor

The Datum TambourDoor is designed to be used in conjunction with existing open shelving and is a more affordable solution than purchasing new shelving. The TambourDoor can be used with Datum ThinStak, 4Post, and Vu-Stak shelving to help meet privacy standards of HIPAA legislation. The TambourDoor is available in widths of 24", 36" and 48" wide shelving. Each side mounting rail is a one piece construction and attaches to the shelving unit with brackets and screws, not double face tape. The TambourDoor mounts on the front of the unit, not the side so mounting the TambourDoor on a run of shelving does not require each shelf to be unloaded and moved.

Datum Laptop Vault

Datum's LapTop Vault is great for training rooms or any other place large quantities of laptops are stored. Storing and securing is done quickly and easily.

Datum Laptop Locker

Datum's Laptop Locker� can be mounted horizontally under a desk for convenient secure storage of your laptop

TDatum CPU Locker

The Datum CPU Locker is an affeordable theft deterrent solution for your valuable CPU. Unlike wire and cable anti-theft products, the CPU Locker also secures your information by denying access to CD and floppy drives. Available in two different models

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