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A record-breaking move

According to Dianna Zaleski, Summit County Clerk of Courts, one of the most logistically challenging parts of the Summit Co. Courthouse expansion was moving more than 120,000 legal files from two records rooms into one unified file room. The Clerk's office supports the Summit County Court of Common Pleas - General Division, the ninth District Court of Appeals, the Summit County Domestic Relations Court and the Automobile Title Bureau for the state of Ohio. This task required a great deal of organization and engineering to be successfully completed within the allotted time and budget.

This four-week task had to be completed during the workday for a number of reasons. Their first priority was to ensure that the records would be always accessible to the workers - it was imperative that the conversion did not slow down the productivity of the courthouse. This task also needed to be completed during the workday for security reasons, as county employees and the sheriff's staff had to oversee the operation. Fortunately, this task was greatly simplified when the County contracted with Akron based, Jeter Systems Corporation, which specializes in this kind of work. Jeter provides a turnkey that not only included the installation of multiple high density movable storage systems, file folders and color coded labels, but also organized the job, coordinated the merging of the two file rooms into one and physically transferred the records from the existing facility to the new facility.

To reduce costs, the existing storage systems were dismantled, moved and reused, but about one-third of the files had to be placed in the new systems provided by Jeter. Keeping things straight during the move required extreme organization. "It was like one of those sliding puzzles", says Zaleski, citing the efforts of Tammy Jeter-Kinder, the sales representative, Brian McCann, VP of retail sales, and jack Jeter, the Company's CEO and owner, to successfully accomplish the project. Future costs are also reduced because the new systems allow for more room for growth, organization and productivity, which will save the taxpayers money. BMX

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