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About American Filing Systems

We are a national dealer specializing in the sale and delivery of high density movable filing systems, Times-2 Speed Files (Rotary), shelving & cabinets of all sizes.

providing our clients with effective solutions

We are dedicated to providing our clients with effective solutions, products and service that increase productivity, reduce operating costs, improve access to information, improve workflow, reduce errors, improve utilization of space and improve employee safety. To better organize and manage paper documents, folders and information media, we have a variety of products and services available. By specializing in movable shelving, Times-2 System, folders, labels, indexes/dividers, out guides, and cabinets – we assist from document creation, during active document use and to ultimate disposition.

American Filing Systems, Inc (AFSI) has full-time, trained, experienced equipment service representatives available to assist you with your equipment maintenance, installations and relocations. Our customers are the essence of our success and the key to providing clients with products and services that meet their requirements and expectations. American Filing Systems, Inc. wants to be your filing systems and supplies representative.

All of us have storage and retrieval challenges. We are always looking for better Storage solutions and faster retrieval of information or materials. Whether you need a better filing system for your office or a more productive method for those hard to store items, we have the solution for you. Please feel free to contact American Filing Systems, Inc. if you have and questions or comments about our products or services.


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American Filing Systems

American Filing Systems products offer maximization of floor space, improved efficiency/productivity, multi-Media storage, customized to meet your needs, modular design, aesthetic finishes & more.
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